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10 Best Things to Do in Bali when it rains

Bali is sunny at the time of the dry season. Though, occasional rains are usual at any time. Even when the skies turn black and the roads are wet from heavy rains, Bali still provides a number of activity options. 

Spa Treatments

Spa treatments in Bali are the main reason for travelers to visit the island. You can enjoy the relaxing spa treatment at various spas around Bali, which provide refreshing treatments. The expert hands of the Spa therapists who offer the variety of spas. 

Shopping in Bali is another most interesting activity to do in rain. Roam around a number of shopping complexes present at the main region. These shopping sites also offer you many items, from gifts and antiques and accessories and a lot more.
Sea Walks

What will be better than just going underwater to wet? There are many options for half and dry. Sea walks also support non-divers to enjoy the underwater charms to watch. Submarine travel is for those who wish to remain dry during the tour.
Museum Tours

If y…